Since the simulation training system of HollySys uses actual DCS software, the control software functions are identical with that of the company’s DCS. The training program includes the controllers’ DCS training, learning, appraisal, and research functions. In terms of training, new device processes and the starting and stopping of processes are simulated, and common accidents can also be simulated.

The simulation training system of the HOLLiAS Simuplant comprises of the following 4 components:

Model station: The installation simulation support platform software and the data model software provide the closed circuit control system and use it to provide control signal responses.

Controller station (one station can be used as an engineer station): Install DCS operator station software and offline engineer configuration software.

Virtual DCS station: Install DCS history server software and virtual controller software.

Relevant auxiliary devices and multi-media devices.

The HOLLiAS Simuplant simulation training system can be divided into the following 3 types:

• HOLLiAS SimuPlant operator training simulation system

• HOLLiAS SimuPlant industrial process education and training simulation system

• HOLLiAS SimuPlant integrated training simulation plant system