HollySys Held 2014 Annual Suppliers Meeting

The group goods and materials department held annual suppliers meeting in Beijing and Hangzhou for purchasing of production materials and engineering materials on December 19&26 2014; over 50 manufacturers and suppliers nearly 170 guests from all over China attended the meeting. The theme of this year’s conference is “strategic cooperation, win-win progress”. In this meeting, HollySys discussed with the representatives of suppliers for 2015 cooperation and development matters, and let the representatives of suppliers to know the further goals of HollySys business and prospects, as well as its service requirements of supply and quality. In the meeting, HollySys awarded accolades to the outstanding suppliers, who achieved the outstanding performance of service and quality. After the meeting, all representatives visited the group presentation room and in-house manufacturing company, which can know HollySys better and lead to a better cooperation in 2015.