Key Achievements

S/NoProject NameUser Name
1Upgrade the lubricant system in Jingmen for SinopecSinolube, Jingmen Branch
2Reconstruction of high-tone and normal-tone devices, Sinolube, Maoming BranchSinolube, Maoming Branch
3Sinopec Sinolube lubricant control systemSinopec Sinolube Branch
4PGM projects for BASFBASF
5Phase III of BASF CatalystsBASF Catalysts (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
6Upgrade the 7M3 PVC DCS of Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd, under Shanghai Huayi (Group) CompanyShanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd
7200,000 tonne PVC polymerisation, caustic soda and VCM at Henan YongyinHenan Yongyin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
8400,000 tonne PVC project, caustic soda, and VCM for Baotou Sea LevelBaotou Sea Level Macromolecule Industry Co., Ltd
950,000 tonne / year lubricant project for Taizhou XiangshengTaizhou City Xiangsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
10Shandong Xinlong PVCPVC Ltd., Shandong Xinlong Group
11CNPC Wuxi lubricating grease regulation projectCNPC Wuxi Lubricating Grease LLC
12Grease regulation project for Sinopec Sinolube, TianjinSinopec Sinolube, Tianjin
13Grease regulation project for Tianjin Changcheng Collaborative Lubricant CompanyCNPC Japan Collaborative Venture Company
14Factory automation control project for workshop 222 of Xinchang Pharmaceutical FactoryXinchang Pharmaceutical Factory, Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd