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Medical Automation

TCM Dispensing Equipment

In order to meet the much higher requirement for traditional Chinese medicine use, which means a harmony of doctor care, pharmacists ease and safety use for the patient, people make a higher demand for pharmacy environment and hospital management. Meanwhile, the management of a traditional Chinese pharmacy is a tough work for the particularity of traditional Chinese medicine. So the hospitals realize that accelerate the construction of modern intelligent traditional Chinese pharmacy and the introduction of Traditional Chinese Modernization concept is urgent.

Constructing a modern intelligent traditional Chinese pharmacy could help to improve the form of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the environment of pharmacy, promote the accuracy and conveniences of dispensing, change the backward condition of labor-dispensing ,and achieve a combination of modern science and technology and traditional Chinese medicine .Modern intelligent traditional Chinese pharmacy will play a positive role in the Chinese medicine industry and be a strong push for the modernization, standardization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispenser MD6100

TCMD (Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispenser) MD6100, released by Hollycon in 2008, is a core device of modern intelligent Chinese medicine pharmacy, which can complete medicine recognition, weighing and measurement, warning of the compatibility and contraindication of medicines etc. according to the parameter of receipt as dose and ingredient. MD 6100 accomplishes the real auto-dispensing of traditional Chinese medicine which is much more convenient for dispensing and helpful for standard medicine administration and artificial mistakes avoided in Chinese medicine dispensing.

Features of MD 6100

  • High Security: avoiding dispensing mistakes + Cabinet margin management
  • High reliability: Multi dispensing information checking and query+ Hardware self-test function
  • Strong applicability: unchanged prescription form + unchanged business flow of Chinese pharmacy
  • Easy to use: graphical human-machine interface + full voice guide
  • Easy to arrange: lightweight and ultra-low power consumption
Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispenser MD 6110

Inherit of the priority of MD 6100, MD 6110 has a higher degree of automation and work efficiency. The sealing of medicine boxes is automatically completed within the device and a bundle of new techniques are applied to improve user experience and process safety with two additional functions: RFID wireless radio frequency communication technology and prescription information print function. MD 6110 is much more convenient for dispensing and helpful for standard medicine administration and artificial mistakes avoided in Chinese medicine dispensing.

Features of MD 6110

  • Design and manufacturing in the concept of precision instrument product + high precise measurement
  • Human oriented design, Real time voice prompts, Striking LED logo, High medicine taken efficiency
  • Tip wizard: ensuring the whole process operating accurately and safely
  • Double dispensing part cooperated, higher dispensing efficiency
  • RFID: fast and accurate medicine distinguished
  • Dispensing the medicine into boxes one by one , auto-sealing, receipt printing and high automatic degree
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