Senior / Testing & Commissioning Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Performs functional tests and commissioning of SCADA System.  
  • Conducts validation tests with clients
  • Prepares and updates of test documents in different testing phases.
  • Consolidates all test data and results for analysis.
  • Performs installation and configuration on equipment in the control system.
  • Supports the hardware setup of equipment cabinets (cabling routing, terminations, power supply)
  • Executes the commissioning of equipment cabinets in LUL stations/control rooms
  • Liaises with other contractors, stakeholders and other personnel to facilitate the testing activities.

Specific Requirements:

  • General screen design and configuration of operators HMI in a SCADA or process control environment
  • Knowledge in LAN and network infrastructure
  • Knowledge in I/O Device Programming and configuration (PLCs) and RTU.
  • Preferably from a Transport/Rail SCADA systems experience
  • Analogue system design experience (PA/Telephony)
  • Telephony/Telecommunications/PABX
  • Sun, Solaris/UNIX and Windows, Relational DBs such as MySQL

General Requirements:

  • Degree/Diploma in Electrical/ Electronics/ Mechanical or Computer Engineering
  • Self-starter and team player
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Experienced in working with all levels of staff
  • Able to work in multi-cultured environment.
  • Able to work independent with minimum supervision.

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