A turbine controller is a type of integrated and embedded control equipment that is suitable for small turbines. This is mainly used in the control of single-pumping, pure condensate, backpressure, combined heat and power (CHP), or drag-type turbomachinery. The controlled parameters are mainly turbine rotational speed, power, and pressure. Smart turbine controllers acquire the relevant operating parameters such as turbine rotational speed in real-time. After the appropriate feedback and regulation calculation, the system generates channel output valve position control signals to change the degree of opening of the regulating valve. Eventually, the turbine's controlled parameters are maintained within the stipulated range.



• General applications

1)      Control generator units (self-owned power plants, cement waste heat units, waste incineration power generation, and solar power generation)

2)      Control drag-type units (large power plant feed-water pump turbines, and different types of industrial turbines such as the drag-type steam pump)

• Technological characteristics

1)      Convenient to install, easy to use, stable control functions, and has redundant important signals.

2)      Able to simulate, and can be used in operator training and software testing.

3)      The basic turbine control parameter inputs and basic settings can be conducted at the operator station or on a notebook computer, making it simple and convenient.

4)      Has a complete isolated network, small network control solution, and facilitates stable and rapid transition to the isolated network after leaving the major network while still using the plant's power supply.

5)      Trend analysis functions for important parameters

6)      Contains functions such as operating records, authority management, and reporting

7)      2oo3 redundancy of rotational speed signals

8)      Optional schedule feedback functions

9)      Comes with servo amplifier functions that can directly control electro-hydraulic converters for the DDV valve, VOITH valve, and CPC valve

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Scope of application

Pure condensate unit 

Back-pressure unit

Back pumping unit

Single pumping unit

Drag-type unit


Small universal turbine controller, which can control pure condensate units and back-pressure units. The functions are strong and it has signal redundancy. 

Dual-channel control signal output, applicable in single pumping units and drag-type units. It has strong functions and signal redundancy.

Software version





Recommended configuration for operator station

HollySys dual core 2.5G/1G/160G SATA/DVD-RW/ integrated gigabit Ethernet card / winXP SP2